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  • United States

Tonight The LENS will focus on The Tools, books and techniques by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels.

The tools are visualizations in the Jungian and Gestalt therapy traditions. I’ve used them myself to turn my ideas into actions… thinking into doing. More than that, these are the weapons I use when I feel weak and alone. Unlike our core practice, meditation, Tools will not take years to master. You can use them right away to get instant relief and get started recovering from:

  • Laziness - addiction to comfort... procrastination... becoming increasingly powerless to move forward into meaningful activities and relationships
  • Resentful thoughts and feelings that play like a broken record, keeping you stuck in a maze of mental torture
  • Stage fright, anxiety in speaking to others where the outcome matters to you (job interview, audition, class presentation, open-mic gig….) and this holds you back in your career or creative ambitions
  • Excessive worrying about future events that are uncertain and uncontrollable
  • Demoralization, hopelessness... the feeling that nothing you do is ever good enough
  • Lack of Energy... you've got the time, and maybe you have the will... but where is the energy to keep moving forward?
  • Self-indulgence and self-gratification. We live in an age of endless stimulation, engaging distractions, and soothing comforts. How do we make space for our own creative work and meaningful relationships?
  • Hatred and misunderstanding... Ever been slandered? Ever been gossipped about? Ever been unfairly blamed when you only had the best intentions? Ever had your words taken out of context and used against you? Ever get on someone's bad side with no hope of reconciling? Ever have a mob of former friends and allies ghost you or worse... demand the destruction of your career? How do move forward from that?

These conditions and states of mind SUCK! Literally… they’re sucking your life away. Get relief while starting your recovery right now. But you can’t do it without tools. And once you have them, you can fight back, even when you feel weak and alone.