• Underground Coffee (map)
  • 580 South Park Avenue
  • Buffalo, NY, 14210

By this night, our entheogenic retreat will have been successfully completed and with any luck, a few folks who attended will be excited to share with the world some words or other expressions of creativity related to their experience. This completes the full triadic cycle of LENS objectives: Discover (the knowledge, wisdom, and experience accumulated and magnified in moments immediately around and during entheogenic retreat), Create (the journaling, drawing, composing, planning, and crafting inspired by your new discoveries), and Shine (the sharing, expression, and projecting of your creation into the minds of those of us in the community who also want to be inspired by your discovery and creation)..

What does it mean to integrate? And how do we integrate the extraordinary states of consciousness we experienced on retreat into our every-day traits of being in this world and our relationships.

We will also take the lessons learned in our retreat and apply them in our planning of our next retreat.

Photo Credit: Pixbay (NOTE: Of course children are not participating in our entheogenic retreats. The image is to convey the fresh, creative, child-like novelty that often re-emerges for people on entheogenic retreat).