As mentioned in the podcast: A Predator Like Me...

Greetings Cohort 22! This is your invitation to my graduation party on Saturday June 17th. More details on that below, but first... some housekeeping.


Now that we all have our hard-fought diplomas firmly in hand... I'd like to clear the air about why I went missing last October. 

Back in September I propositioned two of our classmates. Consequently, those students reported me to Medaille, and the first step in the Kafka-esque Title IX process was to immediately remove me from Cohort 22 and cancel my internship. I was not informed who my accusers were until March when the investigation began. At no point was I informed of the accusations against me. We had the hearing in April. The outcome of that hearing was rendered a couple weeks ago, and to my relief, it was decided that I was "not responsible" for violating any code of conduct.

None of that changes the fact that I grievously offended two very dear friends who contributed generously to my development over the past two and half years. And I'm sure this news offends a great many of you also. I'm very sorry. I'm very regretful. The best excuse I can muster is... everyone comes unhinged in their own way. Each of us strained the limits of our tolerance for stress and suffering these past couple years. Some of us even broke down. We may have comforted ourselves by drinking more. Or overeating. We may have lost sleep for days. We may have even self-harmed or self-sabotaged. (I'm raising my hand to all of these... not singling anyone out). Unfortunately, the particular way in which I sought comfort (or was it self-sabotage?) does not easily inspire sympathy. And those who were hurt were among my most prized and valued friends, which only compounds the offense. Again, I'm also sorry for offending you, dear cohort. 

If you feel you are owed more explanation from me on all this, there are many intriguing facts and plot twists that I'm sparing you here, but I'm open to more discussion if it helps you. 

Please reply to me and let me know if I've disappointed you, or if all is good, or if you wish to further disassociate yourself from me. Your feedback matters for a few reasons: 

  • I have a childish need for people's acceptance (yes... that's a horrible reason, and the past six months have all but cured me of it. I'm still working on it) 

  • If we cross paths, I will likely treat you as a dear brother/sister in arms, as that is what you truly mean to me. If you don't feel the same... awkward (right?) - but what the hell... I can take it.

  • I know for a fact that referrals to one another in the future will be a real and valuable thing. For example, I'm seeing a marriage counselor (for obvious reasons) referred by my sister-in-law, who was her Medaille classmate 20 years ago. I can't stress this enough. It's a very, VERY small world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! those of you who already reached out and lent support when I disappeared last year. Please know you have my undying loyalty and gratitude. 

Now back to the invitation...