Val is also known as "Valociraptor", she is the first professional woman MMA fighter to hail from our Western New York region. 

Show Notes

Val mentioned that she has trained at  Grappling Unlimited, in Honolulu, Hawaii and Gracie Barra Himeji which is also home to Himeji Castle, the most glorious castle in Japan.

Valerie has also trained at Western New York MMA, and is now training at Buffalo United Martial Arts (BUMA), KC Fitness., and Lake Effect Martial Arts

Val also mentions our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) professor, Josh Ketry

She talks about the Japanese MMA organization, PRIDE, and its famous fights and fighters, like Bob Sapp and Kazushi Sakuraba who propelled BJJ's popularity since the 1990's.

Denis recalled the documentary, Choke, featuring Rickson Gracie.

Val and Denis practiced the Tool, Inner Authority (or The Shadow) by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels.

You can keep in touch with Val and her upcoming fights through her Facebook page.

Check out Val-ociraptor in this ferocious video:

Earlier in the show...

Denis mentioned the book, The Miracle Morning, which helped him, a night owl, become a morning person. 

Denis has been using the tool, The Black Sun (a tool from the book, Coming Alive by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels), to help him deprive or delay self-gratifications that hold him back.

He also talked about his previous episode on sexual harassment, and Jordan Peterson's take on negotiation, with the only alternatives to negotiation being slavery or tyranny. 

Denis also gets feedback on his episode about psilocybin.