Myron is a renaissance man. A devoted full time engineer, and part time music writer, producer, and charismatic leader of the band, Those Idiots. If you find yourself in Buffalo the day after Easter, prepare to encounter a parallel universe in which everyone is Polish, armed with pussy willows and squirt guns, and willing to FIGHT… for your RIGHT… to POOOOOOOOOLKA! Denis and Myron talk about immigrants, millennials, creating the digital future of Ukraine as the Soviet Union crumbled, and how to be popular with help from harmonicas.

Myron also talks about the tragic night music saved his life.

Those Idiots

Those Idiots rock the Dyngus Day crowd in the historic Central Terminal

Myron will be the guest speaker at Creative Mornings this December.

Myron went out to L.A. and recorded two albums full of original tunes. Here a re a couple of Denis’ favorites, which he gets to help Myron play live sometimes with Myron’s band, The Gallow Walkers:

Show Notes

Earlier in the show Denis talks about reuniting with his estranged sister after not seeing her for over 12 years.

Denis mentioned his trip with Myron to Riot Fest, and getting to see Clutch and Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers from backstage.

Denis mentions using the tool, Inner Authority (or The Shadow) to bring a spark of passion and vulnerability to his recent job interviews (uh oh… is THAT a good idea?)

Denis and his wife, Marjorie went to see the brilliant Maria Bamford live. They wet themselves with laughter.