Photo Credit: Aaron Ingrao

Katie Krawczyk is Chief Executive Officer and Partner at 19 IDEAS, a marketing, PR, and web development company she started with her husband, Dan Gigante. Katie qualifies as a genuine Buffalo Boss Babe, but if you ask her (or Denis), she’s simply the boss. Denis and Katie talk about growing up in the eighties, life in the burbs (Katie was born and raised in Hamburg, NY), taking risks, playing the game we need to play vs. playing the game we want to play, and finally… choosing the life we’ve lived. The question arises, just how much of our lives can be considered a choice? Well… how much responsibility can you handle? Katie will inspire you to accept more.

Show Notes

Kaite mentioned that Mamoser’s has highly rated, quintessential Buffalo wings.

Denis mentioned co-counseling (or re-evaluation counseling) which encourages people to discharge their pent up emotions (distress patterns) created within each of us through traumatic and harmful encounters.

Katie mentioned how, in a addition to therapeutic outlets for releasing rage and grief, she found Krav Maga to be an excellent way to release rage while also connecting. But few interventions have served her better than the good old fashioned punching bag.

Denis first met Katie at Larkin Square, a happening place that was built in Denis’ neighborhood shortly after he moved to Buffalo ten years ago.

Earlier in the show…

Denis talked about the upcoming LENS event, The Entheogenic Experience. If you can’t make it, there are more events coming.