Abdul Sallaj is a psychiatrist in Chicago. We talked about aspects of the developing mind that are unique to growing up in a household steeped in religious fundamentalism. We also talked way too much about spanking... ouch! Abdul and Denis conducted their interview in Undergrounds Coffee House and Roastery, converted a year or so ago from a funeral home. Denis thinks it's to die for.

Show Notes

How open are we to being persuaded on any issue? When was the last time you examined the pros and cons regarding spanking children? How would that affect the way we think and feel about our upbringing or the way we've raised our own children?

Earlier in the show...

Denis talked about how he fell through the attic into the ceiling (he didn't fall all the way through... just a leg or two dangling down). This video details the aftermath. 


Denis also reads listener-email regarding fasting for improved health.