Jon Elston is a playwright who, in 2003, co-founded Road Less Traveled Productions, a theater company in Buffalo, NY. Jon has won numerous awards for his writing. We talked about how a love for the truth can lead to a crisis of loyalty. We explore the #MeToo movement and its aftermath. We talk about Jon's play After America: Wasteland 2015, and Jon gushes about the writing and character development in Game of Thrones. Jon also collaborates with his fiancé, Winifred Storms. Her play  Branches is going into production soon and Denis will link up to show dates just as soon as they're available.

Show Notes

Jon and Denis talk about the #MeToo movement, Denis' own Title IX hearing at Medaille College, Carl Jung's Shadow, and the latest stories in the news, especially Louis CK, Jian Ghomeshi, Roman Polanski, Kristen Gillibrand, Salma Hayek, Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Garrison Keillor, Viktor Frankl, Betsy Devos, Roy Moore, and Donald Trump.

Earlier in the show...

Denis mentioned Sara Heidinger who opened Undergrounds Coffee House and Roastery. You can read this article about how she is working on a project to bring something akin to Manhattan's High Line to our very own Old First Ward.

The High Line in Manhattan's West Side

Denis visited his friend Chris Benker and met Chris' wife, Shari Berman both filmmakers in Brooklyn. They visited an art installation by Lary 7, a New York artist, musician, recording artist, and all-round inventive bloke.

Chris Benker and Denis get a stereo-microscopic view of a working wrist watch at Lary 7's art installation. Photo by Shari Berman

Denis also talked about The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten, and they guy who recommended the book to Denis... songwriter Omeri Monroe.

Denis talked about how Babe Magazine is taking the conversation about men, women, and sex to a whole new place.... a place that at all at once seems strangely foreign, yet eerily familiar.