Omeri writes and performs his own songs. He strives to learn, collaborate, absorb, and inspire. Omeri grew up listening to the solid gold soul sounds playing on his godmother's radio every day.  Omeri performs two of his songs, "Let's Go", and "You're My Medicine"... prepare to groove ya'll. From an early age he developed independence and ability to provide for himself. As far as I'm concerned, he's a natural-born leader. 

Show Notes

You can learn more about Omeri at where you can listen to his music, and find out where to see and hear him perform.

The first book to blow Omeri's mind was, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  He's also inspired by Victor Wooten's book, The Music Lesson, and by motivational speaker, Les Brown. If you want to get a taste of what Omeri's dad was like, he recommends we watch the movie, The Mack. Last year, Omeri attended The Song School and studied song writing there with Pat Pattison.  Denis and Monroe also talk a little bit about the Phaeton effect, based on the story of the greek titan, Helios and his strident son.

Earlier in the show...

Denis talks about Musical Medicine... inspired by his encounter with David Wilcox at Omega. David talks about his spontaneous music-making in this video.

Denis also bids a very fond fare-thee-well to the brilliant Smiley. Check out Smiley singing on his indoor beach! (Smiley is the dude wearing the Superman shirt).