Abby created Intimacy Alive, where she offers coaching in relationships and intimacy. She is also a yoga instructor. We talked about her transition from interior design industry employee in NYC to business owner in Buffalo.

Show Notes

We talk about emotional release meditation and inner child connection, just a couple of the many techniques Abby makes available to her clients. Find out more about Abby's approach to relationships on her website, and her yoga instruction at evolation yoga.

Abby's events and workshops can be found on her Intimacy Alive FB page (don't miss TMI Thursdays). 

Abby's mentor is Kavita J Patel.

You can also follow Abby on Instagram.

Abby has participated in Creative Mornings both in Buffalo and New York City.

Abby recently turned me on to an incredibly honest and uplifting podcaster, Jonathan Fields of the The Good Life Project.

In their conversation, Denis mentioned this Washington Post article: Fatal Distraction: Forgetting a child in the backseat... [Warning: very unsettling stories... heart-breaking... but mind-expanding]

Earlier in the show...

Denis talks about how Phil Stutz and Jordan Peterson inspired him to ponder sacrifice in greater measure this past week. 


Here is the rainbow Denis saw while recording today's show intro.... mere minutes after he and and his wife Marjorie reconciled after an emotional disagreement: 


Photo Cred:  Joed Viera   Professor Josh Ketry  fastens a green belt on me at  BUMA .

Photo Cred: Joed Viera
Professor Josh Ketry fastens a green belt on me at BUMA.

Denis also mentioned getting a promotion to green belt in BJJ at BUMA: