...and turned 49... and went on another mushroom trip... and wrote some code... and decided I better get back to doing this podcast.

Welcome to the first edition of The Sunday Shit-show. It's a commitment to ship a podcast, guest or no guest, good life or no good life, rainbows or snowflakes... each and every week.

I've found (once again) that when I don't make this podcast happen, the psychic weight of un-purged consciousness gets pretty fuckin' heavy and threatens to extinguish my spirit. And as I discovered immediately after recording this episode, flushing the pipes of thoughts and feelings is really good medicine. The sense of relief and increased mobility that attends this practice is truly remarkable.

I've been reading Irvin Yalom's The Gift of Therapy (again) this week, and his words echo and affirm what I've been thinking and feeling. We gotta be human, and we gotta communicate our humanity. And other folks in our life, the ones we care about and want to connect with, also need to bear witness to our humanity. And by human I mean impotent, flawed, and embarrassing.

Show Notes

Denis took a psilocybin trip in Zoar Valley State Park on the anniversary of his 49th trip around the sun.

Panorama of the top of the trail overlooking the gorge. It's taped off due to being a death trap.

Panorama of the bottom of the trail, the creek, the shale bed, the gorge wall, the puddle.

Colors like the lichen on this branch really demand your attention when you're on psilocybin.

Matvey in action as lighting designer at Rapids Theater

Next month Denis plans to tap out cancer (if not his opponent) at Tap Cancer Out. You can support this mission here: