Denis and Chris catch up after 20 years of not seeing each other. They talk about the miracles of their birth and the stunning impermanence of their work. Lola the aztec mountain chihuahua performs her high and lonesome song.

Show Notes

You can view films by Chris Benker on Amazon. Including:

Chris is working on a new 3D film, The Kamikaze of Fort Greene Park.

Chris and Denis talk about his beautiful and most personal short film, Sleepwalk:

...which you can view along with much of his other most recent work on Chris' Be Independent Productions channel.

Chris' wife, Shari Berman also writes and directs films, and Denis talks about her film, My Life as Abraham Lincoln.  Denis also mentions a project he did with Erik Light, which you can view in a previous episode.

Earlier in the show...

Denis talks about getting too close to prison guards and the next 100 minds that need to be changed on the issue of mass shootings.

In a previous episode, Denis talks more about his visit with Chris.