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Even when software developers have the best intentions, they themselves may be deluded into believing they can give you a useful solution, on schedule, and for a reasonable price. Despite bad estimates and misplaced priorities, you can take a few simple steps to ensure you end up with a proven solution that is worth the cost.

Show Notes

Denis mentioned one of his coding heroes, Scott Hanselman who has a podcast called Hanselminutes, and you wouldn't need to be a software developer to find Scott and his topics fascinating.

Denis mentioned the book, Making Things Happen, by Scott Berkun, which perfectly describes how to construct a Vision Document to help developers and clients draft the basic game plan for a software development project.

After a vision document is agreed on, Denis and his clients write features and scenarios using the Gherkin format: GIVEN... WHEN... THEN...
You can learn more about Gherkin and the principles of Behavior Driven Development, at