Photo Credit: Joshua Ross Ketry

Why not win? All it takes is micro-transactions in The Field, combat on the mats,  and regular cleansing from demoralization with help from The Mother.

Show Notes

Denis listened to a podcast from Phil and Barry of The Tools, where they describe how micro-transactions work, defining (perhaps better than any religious or mystical claims could), how we can tap into a force that seems eager to encourage our eternal-ness. They make the case that if there is indeed an infinite part of us, it expresses itself in this earthly realm as consistent, repeated efforts and actions that require nothing short of our full commitment. 

The Tools Group Denis attends also tackled The Mother this week, and Denis was surprised to discover that what makes this tool so effective, is that it takes the burden off of him to believe in his self-worth, and instead outsources this too-good-to-believe belief in himself onto someone else entirely. And who knows... maybe The Mother is completely delusional when it comes to assessing the value and worthiness of her children, but that's on her. Regardless, she's willing to dust us off, shine us up, and advocate on our behalf. She won't accept anything less than a glowing report on us. She has full confidence where we're concerned and this is contagious. In fact, when it comes to our value... she won't hear any shade of doubt on the matter.

It became clear to Denis that this tool could best be used when he is self-sabotaging, or perhaps merely feeling the perverse pride of being diminished or deprived. Acceptance of one's circumstance is one thing, but boasting when you're shafted? It's time to use The Mother.

Barry Michels is teaching a workshop in NYC this August and Denis will be attending.