Photo Credit: Chris Benker

Shari Berman’s movie, My Life as Abraham Lincoln, is a journey with a woman desperately trying to unravel the tragic mystery of her own mind. It’s also a joyous love letter to the films and film genres Shari most enjoys. Shari also directed Sugar, a rock-and-roll movie about middle-aged women making the most of what could be their last moment to shine (even if it’s only on “MILF-at-Loser-Tube-Dot-Com”!). Denis marveled at the film’s bass-player, June Millington, a kick-ass guitar player from the all-girl band, Fanny.

Shari is pulling her next production together, Pink Mist. For starters, it has muslim immigrants, neighborhood bullies, a yiddish ghost and a tween amputee. Denis is looking forward to seeing where this all goes, and how Shari will weave her sense of humor into the tale. Shari is producing Pink Mist with actor/producer Michael Cuomo. She highly recommends Michael’s film, Happy New Year. One of the lead roles will be played by Lynn Cohen, who is also well known for her character Mags, from the Hunger Games. Shari’s husband, Chris Benker will be the director of photography.

Shari edited the web series, Switch, a dramatic exploration into the real life experiences of people who work in BDSM dungeons.

Show Notes

Earlier in the episode, Denis read an email from a listener in Germany named Andreas, who enjoyed the episode with Phil Stutz. Andreas is becoming a psychotherapist and wants to lead a Tools Group. This Tools Group protocol is an indispensable guide to making a local tools group happen.

Denis describes a moment when he taught the tool, Active Love, in lieu of engaging in compulsory intercessory prayer.

Denis just passed the The National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE), and he couldn’t have done that without loads of practice.